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Diversity In Lingerie

It’s been quite the whirlwind few weeks in the life of this blogger! What, with a week-long “workcation”, a flurry of unpacking, and a much-loathed trip to the dentist’s office, I’ve been a very busy bee. These facts can all be attributed to the uncanny silence resonating from my corner of the interwebs.

But now I’m back with a vengeance, and ready to tackle a topic that many other bra-bloggers have been buzzing about: Diversity In Lingerie.

The Diversity In Lingerie campaign is the brainchild of the lovely lady behind Braless In Brasil. It was started to show the lingerie industry that we want to see less photoshop, and more “women like us” in print, on runways, and everywhere in between–and we want it now.
A group of bra-bloggers have since expanded on this, by explaining what they want to see, and now it’s time for me to add my voice.

I want #diversityinlingerie because the tattoo art on my body is seldom seen on runways. It is airbrushed out of print ads, and viewed with crippling stereotypes. When you see body art in fashion shows, it is of the painted-on variety, and usually coupled with some sort of gimmick.
And when the lingerie industry does include ink like mine in their designs? It’s marketed as “edgy” fashion. Tattoo-printed stockings and body suits. To me, the message is: have the look without the meaning, and discard it like yesterday’s trash when you’re finished. No need to be ashamed of this, no siree, because you haven’t “permanently disfigured” yourself with ink! Like the washables of our yesteryears–there’s no commitment necessary. And while I respect that tattoos are a personal choice, they are treated by so many as something to be ashamed of. Cover it up. Airbrush it away. Hide, hide, hide. Be ashamed of your art (despite the deep personal meaning that may be behind it!), because it goes against everything that is mainstream.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I really want to see.

Give me #diversityinlingerie so that we can finally break free from the chains of the “norm”, and let everyone’s beautiful individuality shine through.

one of four, more to come

(PSSST: Want to see more of the #DiversityInLingerie campaign? Check out this list of bloggers who have contributed, and see what other ladies are looking for!)

4 thoughts on “Diversity In Lingerie”

  1. Yes! I have tattoos. I would guess, offhand, that at least 1/3 of the people I socialize with have at one tattoo. And believe me, I don’t exactly run with a rough crowd. It’s actually a little jarring to me to look at lingerie catalog/advertisement/photo spread/whatever and see so much bare skin without a hint of ink on it; that’s not what I would see at a beach, or pool, or locker room.

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